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Oct 18, 2010

Engaging Opportunity Everywhere

Media and communications channels are more fragmented than ever before. They promise to grow more fragmented still.  Traditional, digital, social and consumer generated media, are in fact, splintering audiences.

This creates a three-fold need for marketers and communicators:  to reach audiences across all channels; to actively engage audiences, globally, 24/7/365; and to do so efficiently and seamlessly so that both budgets and results are optimized.

Content– richer content that is widely and contextually deployed– is what drives audience engagement and value exchange. Whether your audience is bloggers, the media, consumers, influencers, shareholders or all the above, content is the currency with which we do business in today’s communications landscape.

How is content defined? In my view, content is anything that tells a story with a purpose. Content may come in any number formats – traditional text news releases, multimedia releases, interactive video, dynamic websites, multimedia annual reports, multimedia sustainability reports, text and video white papers, video case studies, webinars, and many others.

What’s key though, is that content in the right format for a particular audience, that tells a story with a purpose, that appears in context, and that is delivered across all relevant channels and communities, inevitably drives engagement and action.

Websites, social networks, search engines and mobile devices equip our audiences to identify what they need – and fulfill those needs – immediately.  Engaging audiences at the “moment of need” is what generates results.

Of note, audiences today are incredibly fluid. Communications platforms multiply with staggering speed. Making sure you engage with your audiences, at every opportunity, wherever they may be found, is of paramount importance.

Whatever your particular flavor of communications may be – marketing, public relations, investor relations or corporate social responsibility – the challenge is to re-imagine communications.  The questions we must all ask and answer are:

  • How can we deliver richer, more activating provocative, more immersive and portable content that is delivered across all channels?
  • How can we engage audiences – and opportunities – everywhere?

I’m particularly interested in your answers. How are you using content to drive demand and engage opportunity? What types of content are you using?  Are you sharing content across communications disciplines?  How are you engaging with your audiences today?

I look forward to reading and responding to your posts.

Authored by Ninan Chacko, CEO, PR Newswire

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