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Nov 07, 2011

Five Tips for Using Flickr to Host Multimedia Content

PR Newswire photos on Flickr

Do you use Flickr to host multimedia assets for your brand? It is an awesome resource for image and video sharing with an enthusiastic community and can be used to your brand’s advantage, but it is also good to keep in mind some of the limitations that you may face. As you build a brand presence on Flickr, here are five easy tips for leveraging its potential:

  1. Share original content such as event photos, behind-the-scenes images and historical photos. The US Census Bureau exhibits a fantastic mix of content in their photostream to attract viewers, I especially love to see the black & white census photos of the past next to present day captures:
  2. Take advantage of Flickr’s SEO benefits by making sure to include titles, descriptions and tags for your images. Flickr makes it easy to edit this information for a batch of photos or just one by one. Don’t waste an opportunity by leaving the vague image name directly from the camera, such as IMG_0001.jpg
  3. Use Flickr to connect directly with users. Not only are you able to engage using comments and notes, but you can also participate in groups built around themes. Groups allow you to engage in image sharing within the group pool and further interact with users through group discussions. Flickr also suggests that if companies want to make their own groups, they should work directly with Flickr to create an official Sponsored Group. Kellogg Company has done a great job with this for their Moments of Motherhood Group where users share motherhood-related images and discussions:
  4. Do not rely on Flickr as the sole host of images and videos for your brand. Flickr asks that you link back to Flickr when you post your stored content elsewhere. Just imagine requiring all of the sites that you’d like to use your logos, headshots and product shots to link back to Flickr instead of simply including the image. For your brand’s key multimedia assets, it is best to maintain more control of these items.
  5. Do not ignore the Flickr community guidelines ( Your account could be suspended and you could lose access to your content and all of the great interactions that you could have with other users.

Author Jill Ulicney is PR Newswire’s manager of photo products.   See our photo stream on Twitter: @prnphotos

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