Beyond PR

Sep 06, 2012

Getting it done at the DNC

This amazing photo was taken by our own Jean Arnold, and it made Politico!

It’s been a busy couple of days at the Democratic National Convention.

PR Newswire has been working hard to distribute the releases, speech text, and schedules for the media to do its thing. PRN’s Jean Arnold, director of customer content services, has been closely working with the Democratic National Convention Committee in the Joint Press Office on the distribution of copy.

Meanwhile, the media operation on the lower level of the Charlotte Convention Center has been reporting around the clock on the events in and around Charlotte.

Things are beginning to get serious around here — security markedly has tightened since the arrival of President Barack Obama. Not even umbrellas are allowed in. (There literally are piles of them in pockets around the perimeter.)

The convention center and Time Warner Cable Arena are abuzz with what’s to come this evening. Everyone’s excited. Lots of anticipation. Lots of prep to make this event go smoothly.

We’re currently making our way over to the arena. Follow @PRNewswire for convention-related tweets and our Google+ page for more photos of our time at the Democratic National Convention.

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