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Oct 14, 2013

Grammar Hammer: The Things You Miss on Vacation

Our belated nod to National Punctuation Day.

I recently returned from a two-week vacation to Wyoming, visiting family and some of the greatest national parks (yes, this was pre-shutdown). The downside to coming back from vacation is that I always seem to miss the best stuff while I’m out.

I missed National Punctuation Day (NPD). National Punctuation Day® takes place every year on September 24 and this year marks the 10th anniversary. The National Punctuation Day web site offers lots of ideas on how to celebrate National Punctuation Day. You can enter an essay contest to commemorate NPD. In no more than 250 words, talk about how NPD has affected the way you think about punctuation (or not). You could cook the official meat loaf of National Punctuation Day®, a punctuation meat loaf. Or, you could pick up a copy of the local paper and circle all of the punctuation errors you find with a red pen (um, I sort of do this with everything I read, don’t you?). I’ve tackled a few topics on punctuation for Grammar Hammer (ellipsis, commas, semi-colons), but I’m sure there are more topics to conquer.

I missed Talk Like a Pirate Day. Held annually on September 19, this is your chance to ditch the vernacular and instead communicate in all ways pirate. Why? Why not? Really, sometimes the best point to something is that there is no point. For years, I’ve had the discussion with my team on whether or not we can answer the phone, “Thank you for calling P Arrrrrrrrrrrr Newswire…” but yet, every year, we chicken out and stick with the more professional option. Talk Like a Pirate Day started in 1995 (which is the same year I started at P Arrrrrrrrrrr Newswire, actually) when John Baur and Mark Summers started speaking in pirate slang during a racquetball game. Columnist Dave Barry took up the charge and helped propel Talk Like a Pirate Day into the stratosphere with this column. Now, there are books, games, pickup lines, and even knitting patterns you can purchase.

With my vacation over, I’m getting back into the routine of weekly grammar topics. Maybe I need to hook into Grammarly’s NaNoWriMo for a chance to pen 800 words of an epic, crowd-sourced novel.

Have a grammar rule you’d like me to explore? Drop me a line at

Author Catherine Spicer is a manager of customer content services at PR Newswire.

(Correction to photo credit: In the post “To Pique Your Interest”, the photo of the Tetons was taken by my uncle, Ralph Haberfeld. The photo was used with his permission.)

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Analyzing This... 14:57 EDT on Oct 14, 2013

Love this post. I do speak like a pirate on September 19th but only to those who have a sense of humor

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