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Jan 06, 2015

How to Match Your Video Style with Marketing Goals Part 1


Marketers: It’s time to jump on the video bandwagon—which is really more like a freight train.  However, shouting “DO VIDEO!” without providing the guidance to actually create the video is pointless.  Whether you are in BtoB or BtoC, part one of our two-part video tips series will help you enable the discussions that really need to happen.

Tip 1: Show Your Story.

Before the Internet, telling your story via press release did the job. While this channel still plays an incredibly important role in marketing and communications campaigns, adding multimedia content can increase your visibility up to 552%. This is an opportunity that holds especially true for BtoB brands; today, you can’t afford to not tell your stories in a variety of formats—no matter who you are, who you sell to or what you’re selling.

Tip 2: Don’t Sell, Tell.

No one really wants to be sold until they’re already looking for what you’re selling.  To reach the folks that are looking for your service or product now, or who may be in the future, you have to speak to them.  This video from Hoka One One tells a great story, is interesting, shot well, and you might just want to buy that sneaker after sensing the passion behind the runners.  If not, you are more likely to be interested in their products in the future because those runners spoke to you on an emotional level.

Tip 3: Don’t Go Off Brand.

Get your branding people in bed with your production team upfront.  You’ll save time and energy outlining the must-haves at the outset and not after the storyboards are done.  This video, made for Kraft with advertising technology company, Turn, exemplifies several specific style points delivered at the very beginning of the creative process.  If the style guide were delivered after the creative was started, much pain would have been felt by all—in the form of wasted time and money spent.

Tip 4: Take Chances.

Nothing exciting ever happened by playing it safe.  Move away from your “Milk and 2 Splendas, please,” coffee and sensible slacks and make some waves.  Lose the marketing jargon.  Caterpillar’s Build For It™ Trial video series is a great example.  The company stepped out of its tried-and-true, self-deprecating culture and constructed a life sized Jenga® using its monstrous machinery as hands.

Tip 5: Be Honest

It’s amazing what’s can be revealed by asking the right questions. Administer a self-assessment to your team and have them complete it away from the pressures of the office.  Ask questions like, “What do we do better than the competition?” and “Of our customers that love us- why do they love us?”  The responses will inform your video campaign.

For more tips on matching your video style with marketing goals, check back on our blog next week for part two of this series.

Larry CardarelliAuthor Larry Cardarelli is the Executive Producer at MultiVu, a PR Newswire company.

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­ Dave Toole 19:24 EST on Jan 7, 2015

Nice summary Larry. This frames the case for great story telling.

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