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Jan 14, 2015

How to Match Your Video Style with Marketing Goals Part 2


Last week we shared part one of our mini-series “How to Match Your Video Style with Marketing Goals,” which touched upon choosing the right tone and style. Here are the final five tips that can help any BtoB or BtoC marketer send the right messages with their video campaigns:

Tip 6: Don’t Stop at One.

Whether your title is “Account Executive,” “Communications Director” or “Marketing Manager,” you are all marketers and understand the importance of riding a good wave.  Build your video audience—keep them coming back for your brand of storytelling and expertise.  Get your feet wet with a quick animation or better yet, then build out a video campaign that explains who you are and follows with shorter videos that delve deeper.

Tip 7: Plan for Your End Game.

The “make it and set it free” strategy = rarely works. Even the most outstanding videos need some marketing power behind them.  Think about your distribution options.  You want your video to be shared so it needs to be presented where people who are interested in your product or service will find it.  Beyond owned channels like your website and social media you’ll need to identify the bloggers and influencers who operate in your market. Employing a mix of owned and paid channels can drive influencer sharing and earned media.

Tip 8: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know.

In terms of video styles: know what’s possible.  Interviewing your CEO because he/she is awesome does not always a good video make.  Any production company worth its salt can create a range of video and animation styles, such as kinetic typography, whiteboard animation, 3D… lions, tigers and bears OH MY!

Tip 9: Quality Always Trumps Quantity.

While producing multiple videos can be part of a well-developed strategy, creating video for the sake of video creation is misguided.  If you are producing 25 low-value videos, you will quickly lose credibility.  Remember, people share awful video too—and quite on purpose!  Concentrate on producing short, engaging stories.

Tip 10: Get a Referral

Source your production company through referrals from trusted sources.  A referral is worth a thousand ads—so to speak.  Let me put it this way: what we do at the production company I work for is tremendous… we are THE BEST in the industry.

Believe me?

Didn’t think so.

Get a referral.

For the full version of our “Matching Your Video Style to Your Goals” infographic, follow the link:

Larry CardarelliAuthor Larry Cardarelli is the Executive Producer at MultiVu, a PR Newswire company. 

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