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Oct 23, 2015

Press Release Writing Tips: Focus Your Corporate Expansion News on Impact

Corporate Expansion Press Release Writing Tips

A corporate expansion often comes with its share of growing pains. Growth requires risk and investments of time, money, and even control.

Issuing a press release about your expansion can be the last piece of a long process, the culmination of hard work and compromise.

But it can also be a great opportunity to share good news about the impact this growth will have on your customers, the community, and other stakeholders.

Learn how to showcase the fruit of your company’s investments with these writing tips for corporate expansion press releases.

New Products and Abilities

Corporate expansions are often undertaken so that an organization can add new products and abilities to its offerings.

A new physical location, an expanded product line, a brand new service: the press release is a chance to highlight the ways your customers will benefit.

Bayer CropScience’s recent announcement about capacity expansion at two facilities shows their increased investment in their physical facilities and efforts to uphold their commitment of “bringing new technology and solutions for agriculture and non-agricultural uses” to customers.

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Hard numbers can go a long way in demonstrating a company’s efforts and impact, and are a must in business news.

Bayer leads off their press release with data: focusing on how they invested $500 million globally, with $250 million spent on the two new facilities. This information sets up the next paragraph in the press release, a concise, one-sentence declaration about the effect this investment will have.

“Globally, Bayer is on a path to double production capacity of Liberty” is an impactful takeaway for anyone scanning the press release.

For journalists and potential customers who are interested in learning more, the rest of the press release goes on to detail the product’s abilities and how it benefits the environment.

New Employees and Appointments

Your corporate expansion is not only good news for your company and your customers; it can be even better news for the community around you. This press release about Alcoa’s expansion of operations in Westmoreland County, Pa., centers on job growth for the community surrounding the existing facility.

An investment in technology and materials is also investment in people. Significantly enhancing or establishing a relationship with the local economy opens up opportunities for earned media in the local press.

As Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf states in this press release, the creation of new full-time positions and expansion of the work site shows Alcoa’s commitment to growth in the state.

By having the release issued by the Pennsylvania Office of the Governor, emphasis is placed squarely on the local economic impact of Alcoa’s expansion and reinforces what the governor describes as a “strong partnership.”

When writing a corporate expansion release that’s focused on community investment, consider how quotes from a government agency or community leader will resonate with your target audience and whether it will lend credibility and authority to this news.

Bonus Tip: If your expansion’s communications plan includes announcing personnel changes, check out my previous blog post for advice on how to write a personnel press release with personality.

Partnerships with other Organizations

Coordinating with another company can be stressful, difficult, time-consuming – the press release announcing it, however, should be a positive celebration!

TruStar Energy and Advanced Disposal’s continuing partnership has led to sustainable fueling stations throughout the U.S., helping Advanced Disposal stay on track to meet their goal of environmentally responsible trucks.

The press release is an example of true collaboration, featuring not just quotes from representatives of both companies, but also a photograph of one of the fueling stations – the end-result of this partnership.

When you’re promoting a corporate expansion or other major company news, there’s no room for mistakes. Download our Quick & Easy Guide to Sharing Your Press Release with the World for more tips on how to get it right, the first time.

Author Kate Goebbel is a senior customer content specialist at PR Newswire, and loves to consult with organizations about press release writing and promotion techniques, SEO and reporting. Follow her on Twitter at @kate_city.

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