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Sep 01, 2016

Investor Relations Study: IR Websites Essential for Shareholder Communications


Long before PR departments came to embrace the omnichannel media labels “owned, earned and paid,” investor relations teams were contiguously publishing owned media onto IR websites.

It’s important to note that IROs have shown great communication prowess with these persona-driven microsites: IR websites are not officially required by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Since the first commercial-built IR website was launched in 1995, these shareholder destinations have evolved to become the essential face of the financial brand and a tangible demonstration of corporate transparency.

This transparency is important in booms and busts alike as our white paper IR Best Practices to Weather an Economic Storm explores:

“For IROs, the secret to weathering a downturn lies in a back-to-basics approach. Those companies that continue to communicate regularly with shareholders, candidly explaining both the negatives and positives of the situation at hand, are strengthening critical relationships and are in the best position to succeed once hard economic times are over.”

So, just how effective are investor relations websites in strengthening shareholder relationships?

One of the 29 questions in our latest Shareholder Confidence 365 Study asked institutional and individual investors whether they would invest in a public company that does not have an IR site. As the following snapshot shows, an IR room presence does impact investment decisions.


Here are some examples of the IR websites we host for public companies:

Learn more about investors’ preferences and habits with a copy of our Shareholder Confidence 365 Study.

For this 2016 iteration, we segmented and compared the results between institutional and individual investors. To date. we have accumulated over 6,870 responses from a pool of 16,000 buy-side analysts and portfolio managers and from over 15,000 long-term holding retail investors.

Other questions asked of participants include:

  • Do you use Twitter for stock research?
  • Would a CEO video instill trust?
  • Do you use earnings estimates?

Get all of the answers by requesting the full 30-page hardcopy report now.

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Author Bradley H. Smith is Director of Marketing, Investor Relations and Compliance Services at PR Newswire and Vintage.

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