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Jan 25, 2013

Leveraging Converged Media for Content Marketing

It was not that long ago that marketing spent their advertising budget on telling consumers what they thought the consumer should know about a brand. Not what the consumer wanted to know.

However, in today’s consumer-driven world, brands’ audiences expect more. They want a seamless, consistent experience – it should be easy and organic to go from website to blog to wherever else on the web that the company is found.

Earlier this week, the Online Marketing Summit and PR Newswire presented a webinar titled “Leveraging Converged Media’s Impact on Content Marketing.”

At the heart of conversation between presenters Ardath Albee and Sarah Skerik was the importance of coordinating a consistent story across all media channels and creating quality, sustainable content that is straightforward.

In other words, it reinforced a common sense approach to marketing that is starting to evolve:  value and relevancy over static and boring.

“Content has to be awesome,” Skerik remarked during the presentation. And she’s right. It’s time to take a pledge to stop distributing bad press releases or “phoning in mundane blog posts” because they do very little to increase brand awareness.

Quality content has staying power and builds loyalty.  It shouldn’t just convert your target audience into a buyer, but also keep them coming back.  Other noteworthy points:

  • Consistent and creative storyline – Anyone can spout facts, tell a story.
  • Logo is less important – Tone, style, quality and relevance have more substance and tell a better story.
  • Channels are digital ambassadors for the brand and should be consistent, utilizing paid, owned and earned media.
  • Communications between brands and audiences is no longer a one way street – successful marketing today is conversational.
  • Creating valuable content will open up an exchange of information between audience and brand.
  • Content has to be awesome.

Consumers have more of a voice than ever before and they are using it.  Traditionally, when a consumer was unhappy with a product, they would just stop buying what was being sold and maybe tell their family or friends.  Now, when a consumer is unhappy they have multiple channels to vent their frustration.  This is also true when a consumer likes something.

Personally, when I find a product I like, I look to their website, like them on Facebook, follow on Twitter and more than likely will seek them out on Pinterest.  My goal is not to necessarily keep track of their every move but to show support and, let’s be honest, get the low down on coupons, sales or giveaways.

I will only do this if it is easy.  If I have to click too many times or have to hunt for a link, I will give up.  I am not going to work to find something that should be there already and both Ardath and Sarah echoed my thoughts as a consumer perfectly and offer wonderful insight on how to achieve this objective.

Quality over quantity is what will attract and keep new business and utilizing the many social media channels that are offered will only help to brand awareness.  It is important to remember that new social media sites are created daily and having the ability to adapt the message will only mean success over in the long run.

Finally, PR and marketing need to be on the same page.  It is a waste of time, effort and money if the two departments are not coordinating.

Did you happen to catch this presentation? If so, what was the biggest takeaway for you?

Of course, if you weren’t able to make it, you can listen to the archive of the webinar at the following link:  “Leveraging Converged Media’s Impact on Content Marketing

To learn more about the topic of converged media, check out PR Newswire’s workshop, “Driving Qualified Audiences Into the Funnel Using Rich Media and Distribution Network” during the upcoming Online Marketing Summit. Click here to register and be sure to use promo code SMPRN1 to receive 30% off the registration rate.

Author Mary Johnson is the office manager in PR Newswire’s Cleveland office and is a member of our social media team, curating and tweeting technology news under the @PRNTech Twitter handle.

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Ellen Christian (@scentednights) 12:30 EST on Jan 27, 2013

Sadly I didn’t catch the presentation but I wish I had. Quality content is definitely the way to go.

Kristin Wheeler (@MamaLuvsBooks) 03:12 EST on Jan 28, 2013

I completely agree with the everything in this article and strive to do that in my posts and social media channels! Great post! I wish bloggers would be more content driven.

Corporate Social Responsibility in India 01:50 EST on Jan 31, 2013

Content is always extremely important. Different techniques like presentations, flash art or use of converged media-all are aimed towards making the content better. 01:57 EST on Feb 5, 2013

1. content is important..may be contravesial content will give high traffict 2. theme is important also. 3. marketing tecnique

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