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Aug 28, 2012

Live From the Republican National Convention: It’s PR Newswire

PR Newswire team members Brian Taylor, Tom Hynes & Alberto Alvarez on the floor yesterday in Tampa.

All of us at at PR Newswire are proud of our role at both the Republican and Democratic conventions.  But what does it mean when a wire service is selected to be the “official wire service” of organizations like the RNC and DNC?

Well, it means a number of things.

Our team are right in the thick of it. Here, Geraldo Rivera interviews Michelle Bachman.

First and foremost, both the RNC and DNC will be issuing their press releases exclusively via PR Newswire.  We’re working with the credentialed media covering both conventions, to get them set up for direct feeds of convention news.   We’ve been working on getting everyone set up for the last few weeks, but we’re also sending teams to both events to provide on-site support.

Newt Gingrich on the Mike Huckabee radio show.

We’re also aggregating news, images, tweets and press releases from both conventions on special news pages.  You can find those here:

Republican National Convention News

Democratic National Convention News

We also have a team of dedicated political junkies from our content services and audience development teams tweeting about politics and policy under the handle @prnpolicy5858.  This week, some are in DC, and some are at the Republican convention.  They’re tweeting madly to keep up with all the news, and they won’t get any rest, because on the heels of the Republican confab in Tampa comes the Democratic event in Charlotte next week.   Hand massages may be in order once the conventions have wrapped up!

Giant nets full of balloons tucked into the ceiling of the convention center in Tampa.

Politics is divisive, and like any group of people, we all have different political leanings and hot-topic issues.   But the PR Newswire team is united in our pride in our role in this election.   Stay tuned for news from Tampa this week.   Next week, after Labor Day, it’s on to Charlotte!
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