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Jul 11, 2013

New School Press Release Tactics: FREE Webinar 7/18

Strategic earned media, designed to contribute to a web site’s search rank.

Downloads of a new productivity app.

Surfacing an expert’s blog posts, to position the organization as a thought leader.

Developing a qualified audience for the content the company has invested so much in producing.

Clearly, these are all communications goals.  But they all have something else in common, too:  these goals were set for press releases.

From our vantage point here at PR Newswire, we have a pretty good view of the press release landscape.  And over the last few years, we’ve seen many creative uses of press releases, from The Most Amazing Press Release Ever Written to messages designed specifically promote blog posts and deliver specific business outcomes.

We’ve been offering ideas on tactics you can employ to wring more mileage out of the press releases your organization issues, and offering ideas on using content syndication to drive message discovery.  Next week, we’re taking it a step further, with a webinar titled “New School PR Tactics: Evolving the Press Release to Drive New Outcomes.”

We’ll be hearing from four different organizations about innovative approaches they took with press releases, from incorporating storytelling to designing content to drive specific outcomes.  You’ll see examples, learn new tactics and will have the opportunity to ask the panel questions about their experiences.

Panelists include:

Anne Donohoe, (@agdonohoe) KCSA

Beth Monaghan (@bamonaghan) InkHouse Communications

Jason Khoury (@jasonkhoury) Jive Software

Jenni Rammenger (@jenniramminger) Fathom

Stephanie Pflaum (@stephflaum) Fathom

We hope you can join us! The free webinar will be held July 18, at 1:00 ET.


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