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Mar 02, 2012

Personal Finance Blogs: Get Money!

This week my focus is on personal finance blogs. And, well, most weeks my focus is on my own personal finance. How could it not be? You don’t have to be obsessed with money to know that it affects a lot of what we do. It doesn’t always equal happiness. But being smart about it now can certainly alleviate a lot of misery down the line. So with that in mind, let’s clip up our coupons, compare the prices and enjoy this brief tour of some of the best personal finance blogs I’ve seen lately.

Frugal Quack is a personal finance blog, sure. But I don’t think it would be fair to say that cash rules everything around them. (You’d be thinking of the Wu-Tang Clan.) This blog is going to deliver solid advice on how to balance your checkbook. But they are also going to extol the virtues of reusable grocery bags and lower stress levels. If I were to pitch this blog, I might look for stories that highlight how money-saving tips can lead to a better quality of life. Check out the full review here.

As you may have guessed from the name, Budgets Are Sexy is a blog that doesn’t take itself too seriously. But that is not to say it doesn’t take personal finance seriously. The blog author may rock a mohawk. (Honestly.) But he’s also written for Kiplinger. And he’s been mentioned and/or featured in about a dozen other places. If I were to pitch this blog, I’d look for stories on personal finance. It probably couldn’t hurt to have a little personality in your message either. Check out the full review here.

Money Crashers is a personal finance blog. And as such, you’ll read the kind of standard stuff you’d expect. But this blog also examines the ways in which so many things in our lives – exercise, weddings, frozen food – affect our bottom line. If I were to pitch this blog, I’d look for outside of the box financial tips. Because clearly, that’s the way they’re approaching the subject over on their blog. Check out the full review here.

Novel Investor is a great investment resource for investors of all skill levels. If there’s a way they can help their readers, they’re going to write about it. And I’d have to think that’s part of the reason they write about everything under the personal finance sun. If I were to pitch this blog, I’d look for anything around personal finance, the stock market, credit cards, tax code. Honestly, they write about a lot. Check out the full review here.

In full disclosure, PerkStreet is a financial institution. And in even fuller disclosure, they did NOT pay me to write this review. It just so happens that they have a great blog with great financial tips for just about anyone.  You don’t even have to be a customer of theirs. If I were to pitch this blog, I’d look for stories that help consumers make the most of their money. Check out the full review here.

That’s all for now. In the meantime, if there’s a blog I should be reviewing, drop me a line or a note in the comments, and I’ll take a look. Until next time…

Author Tom Hynes is PR Newswire’s manager of blogger relations. And as you may have guessed, he has a twitter34 account.

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