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Jun 06, 2012

PR Joins Advertising at AHAA Conference

PR takes center stage at AAHA.

The Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) held its annual conference recently in Miami, drawing participation from a number of notable brands, including Diageo, The Clorox Company, Nielsen and GM.  Hispanic advertisers and marketers gathered together to discuss tactics and strategies for successful integrated marketing programs.

Although the conference’s sessions have historically focused on advertising, this year, AHAA also offered a compelling PR-focused session entitled, “Hispanic Public Relations: Creating Brand Evangelists with Engagement and Trust.” As a PR professional, it was great to see public relations being spoken about in a room mostly filled with advertising professionals.

During this session, we heard from prominent PR professionals including: Rosanna Fiske, the first Latina president of PRSA;  Manny Ruiz, CEO of Hispanicize (and former PR Newswire VP of the Multicultural Division); Natalie Boden, President and Founder of BodenPR; and Solomon Romano, Head of Hispanic Marketing at Delta Dental.

One point of emphasis was the importance of bloggers because, as Manny Ruiz described, they are “mini-celebrities” or “mini-influencers.” Just a few years ago, brands were not very keen about working with bloggers. Today, they are embracing them because they realize the importance of these brand ambassadors in our communities. These are people who care about an issue, brand or topic, and make others care. Consumers nowadays don’t want to be talked to and instead want to be part of the conversation. Brands realize that bloggers are connecting with their consumers in the way consumers want to be engaged and they want to be a part of that phenomenon.

Research presented indicated that the Hispanic consumer is much more social than their black or white counterpart.  Rosanna Fiske noted that 30% of Hispanics are using social media six (6) hours per day. This compares to 20% for blacks and less than 10% for whites. That leads to the inference that Hispanics are early adopters of social media, are thirsty to engage and are conversationalists. This statistic alone makes a great case for why brands need to reach Hispanics through social media.

Yosmay Valdivia is an account manager with PR Newswire’s Multicultural Division.

Photo by Maggie Hernandez, PR Newswire.

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