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Jun 28, 2012

PR Newswire Waives Distribution Fees for Colorado Fire Related News Releases

Organizations offering aid to the victims of the fires in Colorado can distribute their messages through PR Newswire in the U.S. at no charge

Hundreds of homes have burned this week in Colorado, and many more remain at risk as wildfires continue to rage out of control.  We are heartsick for those who’ve lost their homes (and in some cases, livelihoods).   As is our practice during major disasters, PR Newswire is waiving fees for all news releases from organizations offering aid to victims and those assisting in rescue and relief efforts surrounding the fires tearing through Colorado.

“With the reports of more than 300 homes destroyed by the Waldo Canyon fire and more than 30,000 people evacuating Colorado Springs alone, there’s a great deal of information that needs to be communicated to the residents of Colorado Springs, its surrounding areas, and the broader country,” said Scott Mozarsky, chief commercial officer, PR Newswire.  “We want to make sure that the organizations that can offer assistance have a quick and easy way of getting their messages out.”

If you have a release that you’d like to distribute relating to the Colorado fires and you are a PR Newswire member, you can upload it via the Online Member Center ( or email it to  All non members can also email releases to   Please include “Colorado Fires” in special instructions or the subject line of the release.

To view news releases issued by PR Newswire members offering aid, please see News About Colorado Fires on PR Newswire’s website (

To our friends, families, colleagues and clients in Colorado, you are in our thoughts this week, and we hope you and yours remain safe and sound.

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