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Jun 08, 2012

PR Newswire’s New “Pin It” Button Makes Pinning Press Releases Easy

A look at the new “Pin It” button appearing on press releases hosted on PR Newswire’s web site.

As Pinterest has grown into the third largest social media platform, its over 10 million members  have been making a huge impact.

Pinterest referral traffic has surpassed Google Plus, Linked In and YouTube traffic combined, and as we reported here earlier, brands are seeing an increase in revenue generated by pinned content.  (See “Selling in Social” for details.)

Not surprisingly, has seen an increase in Pinterest traffic since January 2012, and PR Newswire content has been widely pinned, liked, and repinned. Our clients distribute some fantastic visuals with their press releases (gorgeous photos, infographics, and interesting products), so to make it easier to share them on Pinterest, we’ve added the “Pin It” button to news release pages with images. Yet another reason why adding a visual to your release can increase engagement!

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rsmithing 09:10 EDT on Jun 9, 2012

You’ll be pleased to know I pinned this to one of my boards, “Pinterest is the Shiznit.” I did so with the Pinterest bookmarklet. You should get the Pin it button on your posts!

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