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Mar 06, 2013

PR & Visuals Fuel the Content Marketing Engine

“Dear Content Marketing:  Meet PR, Your New BFF!”   This message, as said Lisa Buyer, CEO of The Buyer Group on a recent PR Newswire webinar (“Fueling the Content Marketing Engine through PR”), underscores the evolving relationship between PR and marketing professionals and the need for an integrated , collaborative approach to communications.  On the webinar, she and PR newswire’s Michael Pranikoff explored the use of PR tactics to strengthen a marketing strategy.

The start of the conversation focused on online newsrooms – and how they have gone through a “renaissance” of sorts. No longer controlled by the webmaster where updates are difficult and infrequent, today’s online newsrooms are the responsibility of the communications team, are updated multiple times daily with a diversified mix of quality content.  Essentially, it is a content marketing hub to not only share press releases, but also amplify multimedia content such as photos, videos, financial information, blogs posts and more, feeding the needs of all visitors including journalists, bloggers, consumers, investors and more.

Michael noted that as more brands start utilizing social media, “smart brands are becoming publishers” so there is an increased need to commit to quality content, increasing the need and opportunity for marketing and PR to complement each other in our social media world.”

Visual PR content was the topic of the year with the birth of Pinterest and Instagram. ”   Driving the point home, Lisa noted “There is nothing worse than reading a brilliant post or a news release when nothing in the post is worth pinning!  Not one photo, infographic or video that would make me want to share it with my near and dear.” We are a visual species and engaging content influences our actions.

PR Newswire’s study confirms multimedia content will increase views by nearly 10 times than just plain text alone, however other noteworthy stats were introduced:

  • 44% say they are more likely to engage with companies if they use pictures
  • 79% of journalists say that images increased the odds of a press release getting picked up
  • Readers are 4x more likely to engage or comment on a blog post with a good image

Bottom line: “Go Visual.  Just Say No to Boring.” 

The next hot topic was the need for content optimized for mobile devices. Engaging readers and sharing unique and useful content is not limited to just desktops; brands MUST consider multi-screen users when producing content and enhancing an online newsroom.  Mobile use is not only dominating how we receive information, but also how that information is shared.  But don’t forget; don’t lose the consistency of message when optimizing content for mobile!

This simply provides an overview of the tips and best practices shared. Take a look at the entire presentation, and listen to the archived recording. There were numerous questions addressed questions addressed and valuable answers provided during the Q&A section at the end.   Well worth listening to.

Were you able to catch the live presentation?  If you did, what were your thoughts?  Will marketing and PR be BFF or are they destined to be soul mates?

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