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Aug 26, 2011

ProfNet Connect Blog Roundup: Switching from Journalism to PR, A Tribute to Steve Jobs, Online Defamation

ProfNet Connect, our free online community for journalists, bloggers, PR pros, experts and communicators of all stripes,  features blog section where members can write and post as their hearts desire.  The site is chockablock with interesting people and content.  Here are some of the most popular posts from this week. Enjoy!

#ConnectChat: Making the Switch from Journalism to PR (Part 2)
One topic ProfNet Connect members mention to us on a recurring basis is regarding how more and more journalists are crossing over into the world of public relations. A few weeks ago we heard your call and held our first #ConnectChat on that very topic. It’s such a popular subject that we’re doing the second part of a three-part chat series on Tuesday, Aug. 30. I hope you’ll join me for this informative #ConnectChat.

A Tribute to Steve Jobs, the Michael Jordan of Technology
The day has finally come: Steve Jobs has stepped down as CEO of Apple. Tim Cook, the company’s now-former COO, will replace Jobs as CEO of Apple. ProfNet editor Jason Hahn provides a tribute to a man who literally has changed the world.

Unemployment’s Catch-22
Most everyone knows it is easier to get a job when you have a job. Employers are inclined to suspect that there may be something wrong with an executive who has been downsized. The reason? Companies often use downsizing as a way to rid themselves of underperforming employees. However, while it has always been hard for someone who is unemployed to get a new job, it has never been harder than it is today. Krista Bradford, CEO of The Good Search shares her persepective on the reality of unemployment today.

Online Defamation Is Like A Bad Toothache
There is an old saying that “the first step to getting out of a hole is to stop digging”. If you discover that your online reputation has been tarnished on a rough website and that bad results are appearing against your name upon every Google search, do yourself a favour and overcome the natural tendency of constantly clicking on the link to the bad result. Internet law expert Yair Cohen of Bains Cohen Solicitors addresses this important topic.

Consumerization of IT is nothing new – What can we learn from the past?
Rich Bentley, senior director of marketing at Matrix42 says he’s not quite old enough to remember working in a place without computers, but does remember working without the technology of email, instant messaging or the Internet. Do you remember those days? Rick shares some excellent insight on how people and companies adapt to new technology.

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