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Sep 30, 2011

ProfNet Connect Blog Roundup: Using Video to Promote Experts, Designing Mobile Ads that Drive App Downloads, What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

ProfNet Connect, our free online community for journalists, bloggers, PR pros, experts and communicators of all stripes, features blog section where members can write and post as their hearts desire.  The site is chockablock with interesting people and content.  Here are some of the most popular posts from last week. Enjoy!

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up
Are you doing what you really want to be doing? David Baker, principal at ReCourses Inc., shares his formula for ensuring you’re doing something you like with your life.

#ConnectChat: Making the Switch from Journalism to PR (Part 3)
The third and final installment of our series on switching careers from journalism to PR will take place on Tuesday Sept. 27. Join us and host Evelyn Tipacti, community editor at ProfNet Connect with special guest Frank Graff of 919 Marketing.

Using Video to Promote Experts
Not long ago the folks at ProfNet got to thinking about the different ways PR pros are using video to promote their experts. They asked their members to share some examples of how they use video, as well as some tips and best practices for those of you inspired enough to give it a try. These are their stories brought to us by Maria Perez, director of news operations at ProfNet.

Do’s & Don’ts for Designing Great Mobile Ads that Drive App Downloads
As you battle to ensure your app stands apart from the hundreds of thousands of other apps competing for downloads and loyal usage, some slight tweaks to your design can improve your results significantly. Viki Zabala, director of marketing at Fiksu provides some great tips.

Customers and Customer Service Teams are not Asking for Knowledge Management; They’re asking for Knowledge Insight
Louis Tetu, chairman and CEO of Coveo recently spoke about the importance of actionable insight within customer service departments and provided a few examples of how this helps deliver considerable ROI. Here’s his take on that interview with 1to1 Magazine.

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