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Oct 07, 2011

ProfNet Connect Blog Roundup: Writing for Social Media, Growing Up Hispanic, Securing Mobile App Users

ProfNet Connect, our free online community for journalists, bloggers, PR pros, experts and communicators of all stripes, features blog section where members can write and post as their hearts desire.  The site is chockablock with interesting people and content.  Here are some of the most popular posts from last week. Enjoy!

PR meet SEO, SEO meet PR – Now play nice
Are public relations agencies prepared to help their clients be discovered in the search engines? Scott McIntosh, senior account supervisor of web strategy at Lovell Communications answers this question.

Upcoming #ConnectChat: Legal Implications of Social Media
With the continued rapid growth of social networking sites, the legal implications of instant, online communication are becoming an issue for companies wanting to maintain control of their brands online. Maria Perez, director of news operations at ProfNet will host out next #ConnectChat on this topic.

Writing for the (Social Media) Medium
As professional communicators, we’re taught to “write for the medium.” Tone, style and format change drastically from one context to the next, so the same should be true for social media. Jennifer Izzo, an account executive at Costa DeVault shares her advice on how to write for social media platforms.

Drive App Downloads Today – 4 Simple Ways to Secure Mobile App Users
For app marketers, your challenge is finding a way to make your app stand out in such a massive crowd. Viki Zabala, director of marketing at Fiksu addresses this issue and tells us how to get app lovers to use our particular app

Being Hispanic Through My Eyes
Growing up Hispanic was a unique experience for Evelyn Tipacti, community editor at ProfNet Connect. This is her personal story.

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Mitzi Sauvage 18:39 EDT on Oct 24, 2011

I especially like your last paragraph – and I did start a blog – two in fact – just a few months ago! I always write letters to my children at Christmas – sometimes more often, but at least once a year. They know their letters will be in their stockings! Probably wouldn’t do anything you said not to – just a little bit inhibited! But that’s just me. Congratulations on being freshly pressed!

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