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Nov 14, 2011

ProfNet Connect Roundup: Curating Content for Thought Leadership, Muzzling Social Media During Civil Unrest, Heterographs in the Matrix

ProfNet Connect, our free online community for journalists, bloggers, PR pros, experts and communicators of all stripes, features blog section where members can write and post as their hearts desire.  The site is chockablock with interesting people and content.  Here are some of the most popular posts from last week. Enjoy!

Muzzling Social Media During Civil Unrest?
“Social media empowers us with a voice and a conversation. The majority respects the opportunity that social media presents; inevitably a minority will abuse it. To me, muzzling social networks during times of unrest is tantamount to censorship, pure and simple. Do you agree?” See what Samantha McGarry, vice president of InkHouse Media + Marketing has to say about shutting down social media during moments of social unrest.

#ConnectChat Recap: Curating Content for Thought Leadership
“’Brands as publishers’ is a relatively new concept, but one that is gaining traction as brands start to realize the value of creating and sharing content to establish themselves as thought leaders. The content they post influences what people search and find about them, helping to make them influencers in their subject matter and industry. But content curation is a science, and to do it successfully requires not just sharing information, but sharing it thoughtfully and adding a unique point of view to distinguish yourself from the crowd.” This was the topic of our latest #ConnectChat, hosted by Maria Perez, director of news operations at ProfNet.

Holiday Cheer Campaigns… 7 Social Media Campaigns to Make Your Customers Holidays Bright
“Take a look at some innovative ways to engage your clients through social media networks and begin gearing up for the holiday season in some different and innovative ways.” TiaMarshae Sanford, social media and marketing maven at Ego Trip Media provides some tips for your holiday cheer campaign.

If PR’s a people industry, do we need different people?
“People are vital to communications. Not only do they make up the audiences marketers try to reach, but they are often the sole ‘asset’ a communications team or agency has.” Simon Francis, a freelance communications experts talks about diversity in the business.

Grammar Hammer: They’re There! Heterographs in the Matrix
Homophonic heterographs are words that sound the same, but are spelled differently and mean different things, like “piece” and “peace,” for example. Just as the meaning of our existence can be deceiving, so can the meaning of heterographs. This is why we need Neo to help us see through the grammar matrix and explain the reality of word usage!  Grace Lavigne, editor at ProfNet explains the differences between words that people often use incorrectly.

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