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Jun 14, 2011

Recapping the Inbound Marketing Summit – San Francisco

Last week I participated in the Inbound Marketing Summit in San Francisco.  This is the second time that I’ve been fortunate enough to participate as a speaker at the San Francisco conference (I’ve also participated as a speaker at the Boston version of this conference last fall, and will again this fall).   Not only is this conference full of great presentations and conversations, but it’s really made up of some great attendees.

This year in SF they went with a new model – pay what you want – to attend.  This brought forward some very interesting conversations and some great participation from small businesses and solo PR & Marketing consultants who sometimes can’t afford to attend some of the big conferences.

There seems to be a push back to basics this year with some of the social media hoopla conversations really giving way to a push towards business metrics and objectives.  The idea of email marketing and automation that was once thought of as old has become new again.  There was also a renewed interest and push towards Search.  This time however, the SEO conversations were really pushing the ideas of smartly written content and using social and search together.

To those who attend a lot of these types of conferences, this is a theme that is being talked about again and again.  Ideas for tying it all together followed by those that are still trying to squeeze out that perfect metric (which in my opinion may never really exist).

While attending and participating in the conference, I was fortunate enough to have PR Newswire Account Manager for the Agency Vertical in San Francisco, Diane Harrigan, along with me and her camera skills.   Diane (who operates a video blog on her own – Postcards from SF) was able to capture a couple of interviews with me and conference organizer and author Chris Brogan; and Social Media Club Founder and President, Kristie Wells.  I hope you enjoy the conversations and the insight that they were able to share.

Author Michael Pranikoff is PR Newswire’s Director of Emerging Media.

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