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Feb 06, 2017

Show Your Customers Some Love Online This Month


With February’s theme of love, now is a great time to give a little attention to those folks that make your business possible: your customers!

Here are a few innovative strategies to show customer appreciation in a digital world.

1. Give Them Some Social Love

If you’re connected to your customers on social media, make it a point to share their content, respond to their comments, and thank them when they share yours.

Simply by being a brand that pays attention to its customers, you’ll turn those that shop with you into rabid fans. It’s few businesses that take the time to not only get to know their customers online but to also celebrate them. If you have a sizeable social network, sharing a customer’s article has tremendous benefit in helping them reach more people. You can be sure they’ll be appreciative of the action.

2. Send Exclusive Offers Via Email

Email is still one of the best ways to get past customers to buy from you again. But rather than framing an offer as just another coupon or sale, package this one up as a Valentine.

Send a cute digital card (with a subject line guaranteed to get them to open it) and an exclusive offer they can’t find searching Google or on your social profiles. This offer should be so good they can’t resist it. Make it for a huge discount or a free gift with purchase. Then track results so you know whether you should make a similar offer in the future.

3. Highlight Customers on Your Blog


Another way to give props to customers is by interviewing them for your blog. Everyone loves a moment in the sun, and by selecting specific customers to introduce to your blog readers, you’re not only showing your appreciation but also building lifelong relationships with those you highlight.

To select who you include on your blog, you could hold a contest or randomly pick from your database. Make sure the interview is all about them, and not your brand.

You can also do something similar with social media: choose a customer to highlight on Facebook or Instagram, and ask them to share it.

4. Feature Customer Testimonials

People like hearing how others enjoy your products, so an alternative to the customer interview on your blog is the customer testimonial. Ask customers who are already raving about your products on social media to craft a short testimonial you can feature on your website.

You can promote these testimonials to get your customers a little more exposure: run a social media campaign where you share each testimonial, tagging your customer if possible.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to show your customers love online, and the benefits are huge!

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