Beyond PR

Nov 07, 2012

Storytelling and today’s media environments

Our organizations are full of stories which can attract and engage our audiences.  Shifting the strategy to incorporate storytelling can be a challenge, however, as is the case with content creation generally.

In this video, our CEO, Ninan Chacko, discusses the emergence of content marketing as a powerful discipline allowing brands to become true storytellers. He takes a look at the range of assets currently being used by PR and marketing professionals and the digital tools used to help illustrate and spread their messages far and wide across platforms, networks and search engines.

“The audience  is living across this broader landscape.  They aren’t solely present in paid media,” noted Ninan, in follow on comments about the changes in the media landscape, and the opportunities these changes afford communicators.

We think you’ll find his comments to be thought-provoking.   And if it’s been a while since you’ve thought about how different types of content and distribution strategies can build audience for your organization’s stories, take a quick look at this overview of press release distribution and other types of content syndication.

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