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Mar 10, 2012

SXSWi Day Two: Journalism, Big Data, Smart PR, Newsjacking

The Hootsuite owl has landed at SXSW

Rise of Analytics: Impacting the Editorial Process panel:  Publishers have massive amounts of data to look at now: website, mobile,social, etc., but should this data be allowed to guide all your editorial decisions? At some point you still have to you ‘human’ understanding of who your true audience is. You can post cat videos every day and bring in lots of bounce traffic, but is that what’s best for your publication? Probably not.

An interesting point came from the audience from a PR person who says he has been told straight out by editors that the story he is pitching wouldn’t get enough clicks and so they are not interested.

At the appropriately crowded “Fear of Missing Out” panel


An example of how to stand out among other news: when Apple iPhone 4 Antenna-gate broke, Next  Media Animation created an animated news of Steve Jobs becoming the evil “Darth Vader”.

1. Catch the wave (when an interesting news begin, e.g. Cobra escapes from Bronx Zoo).

2. Adopt an editorial mindset

3. Plan your spontaneity

4. Keep it fresh

5. Be genuine and relevant

6. Sow the seeds

It is *still* raining.

From the ‘Philanthropy Is Not the Future of Journalism’ panel: “There is no such thing as free funding. With money always comes an expectation.”

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