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Investor relations departments, positioned among the most strategically important flows of information, have a unique opportunity to execute this imperative role by focusing competitive intelligence gathering with an eye to its effectiveness, efficiency and strategic impact.

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With 25% of Wall Street investors and 19% of Main Street investors reporting they use StockTwits and Twitter for investment news, IR needs to have a strategy in place to assure their voice is in the social stream.

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Earnings season has a way of dominating the news cycle. With the volume of press releases coming in every day, how can you get yours noticed by the media? An AP editor shares her tips and explains why timing is (almost) everything.

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Much like mainstream media, trade publications are faced with trying to grow a subscriber base when most people believe they shouldn’t have to pay for news. Matthew Schwartz, group editor at PR News, shares 3 ways they’re adapting.

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For publicly traded companies, the end of every quarter brings with it the important and necessary earnings announcement. These filings are not only an SEC requirement, they also help a company be transparent and provide important information to current and potential investors. Because much of a company’s financial well-being is on the line with earnings releases, […]

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When people seek official news about your company or organization, a media or investor relations room is often an important stop on their journey. Your company website is probably fairly static — the content doesn’t update or change too often, with perhaps the exception of your blog. A room, or microsite, dedicated to hosting recent press releases, financial […]

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Below is a sampling of recent media moves and news compiled by PR Newswire’s Audience Research Department.   To learn more about monitoring media and social media for your brand, read our white paper: Monitoring Your Brand Across the Web ABC News (New York, NY): Reena Ninan (@reenaninan) has been promoted to Co-Anchor of “World News […]