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Apr 15, 2011

The best PR/social media/search stories I read this week

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Staying informed is easy these days – until you find yourself gulping from the information fire hose, eyes bulging as you desperately try to swallow everything coming through that pipe.   I do not profess to have solved this problem for myself, but maybe I can make your life a bit easier by offering you a digest of things that got my attention this week.   Tell me what you think, and if you saw something note worthy this week, please return the favor, and share it with me!

How to build business by focusing on click throughs and conversions, not just rankings.   SearchEngineLand

An important reminder that the whole point of SEO really isn’t ranking well on a search results page — it’s about making the cash register ring.  By focusing on click throughs and converstions, author George Asplund offers keys to building business results and sustained value.  Even if you’re not an SEO pro, the discussion keyword selection criteria is important for any communicator writing online content.

Google told you so.   SEOmoz

The best SEO any more is a great product.  Gone are the days when a brand could achieve high rankings in search engines merely by employing the correct keywords.  To attain lasting visibility and value today, you have to generate real audience enthusiasm.

Why you should tweet during a crisis.  Dave Fleet

Dave breaks down how deft use of Twitter during a crisis can soothe online audiences and actually steer their behavior.  A little information can go a long way toward protecting reputation … and not swamping the call center.

Zynga: How the virtual world can save the real world. Simon Mainwaring

I don’t play online games, and the fact that people spend real money on virtual goods is something that I will freely admit to “not getting.”  That they do so is, however, undisputable fact, and this post from Simon Mainwaring offers inspired examples of how real funds aiding human disasters have been raised in virtual worlds.   Zynga is the leader in the space, and they clearly have their thumb on the pulse of their customers, building wildly successful businesses, and raising money for disaster relief with breathtaking speed.

Six verbs you need to understand the new web.  Social Media Today

This post emphasizes the changes in assumptions, approach and mindset needed to successfully promote your brand or organization online.  Author Gini Dietrich breaks down the user behaviors that ultimately shape and inform our communications strategies.

TMI is a way of life for author Sarah Skerik, VP-social media for PR Newswire.

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chesterfoster 13:59 EDT on Sep 25, 2011

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