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Jul 01, 2011

The best things I read this week

This week’s favorite reads are a mixed bag of PR philosophy, social tactics and search updates.

Why isn’t making money a PR objective?

Craig Pearce (@commaim) is never one to hold back, and he tackles many tough questions on his blog.  This post of his was actually published earlier in June, but I read it this week, and it made the cut for this post.   Craig delves into the KPIs we use to measure public relations and specifically challenges us to think about why generating profit is (generally speaking) not on PR’s radar screen.

The Fallacy of Round the Clock Social Media

Like New York City, social networks never sleep.  Many argue that your brand presence on social channels shouldn’t sleep, either.  In this post, author Chris Hall begs to differ, discussing when timeliness of responses matters, and when it is less important, noting, “…the only way to seem human is to be like one.”

Hangout is the Breakout Feature of Google+

Google+ debuted this week, in a closed beta that left many unable to sign up for the long-awaited social network from the search giant.   SearchEngineLand concluded that the breakout feature of Google+ is “Hangout,” the video chat feature that enables up to 10 people connect live.   Bradley Horotwitz, Google’s VP of product development for apps, was on the Hangout session, and suggested that we need to be thinking of Hangout as a platform, inviting multiple use cases far beyond small meet-ups and potentially third party developer involvement.

Is Google+ Going to Kill Facebook?

Forrester analyst Nate Elliott doesn’t think so, but does note that Google+ could make things more difficult for marketers, as the “Circles” feature enables users to be very selective, and to narrowly define their groups of friends.  Will they include brands?  Doesn’t seem terribly likely ….

Sarah Skerik is PR Newswire’s vice president of social media.

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