Beyond PR

Mar 24, 2017

The Core Events of Shareholder Communications

One of the most obvious differentiators between Investor Relations and its CorpComm brethren is that IR has highly defined “seasons” and annual occasions.

By no means am I implying that PR and marketing don’t have annual events that drive their calendar – i.e. the medical imaging sector revolves around the RSNA Conference and Exhibit – however, other than a key industry tradeshows and media editorial opportunities, the demarcated activities for shareholder communications rule supreme and rule regulatory.

To illustrate (at a 30,000 foot view) a of year of shareholder communications activities, we created this at-a-glance calendar. Recently updated, it is one of our more popular tools – deemed helpful for educating “what IR does” to other internal departments, peer communicators and board presentations.

Download the calendar PDF here.

Author Bradley H. Smith is Director of Marketing, Investor Relations  and Shareholder Communications at PR Newswire / Cision.

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