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Sep 19, 2012

The Key to Relevance: Listening

It should be no surprise that listening is the logical first step in a truly agile communications strategy. Social media provides the ultimate feedback loop, and actively listening to your brand’s Social Echo delivers insight that can enhance just about any public relations and marketing initiative.

Your Social Echo – that powerful reverberation of conversations around your brand in the social sphere – provides proof of concept for good PR strategies and tactics, warning signals about potential crises and always-on inspiration for improving and evolving communications.

At a tactical level, establishing a brand’s thought leadership and optimizing brand messaging were cited as the top two reasons for monitoring social media, according to our survey of PR professionals. To take a closer look at each of these concepts, we’ve asked social media professionals to share their best practices for analyzing social media to build and amplify one’s thought leadership presence, as well as using social feedback to inform messaging in the new white paper (available for free download) titled “Active Listening: The Key To Relevance & PR Results.”

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Vince 02:44 EST on Nov 29, 2012

Active listening is really a tool that can be used on an everyday basis. Thanks for this most useful reference!

Franck 16:54 EDT on Mar 24, 2013

Customer iteration is key, and social media offer great tools to gather feedback from your audience. Now you have to filter the noise and decide the right actions to adapt, which may not be so straightforward. If something is not right, the way to evolve is not always obvious.

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