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Aug 22, 2011

Using Press Releases for Lead Generation

Building lead generation - through press releases.

The humble press release is working much harder these days. Once a vehicle for announcing news to editors, the press release is increasingly being used to influence outcomes – and even to generate qualified leads directly from a target audience – in the age of social media and search engine optimization.  PR Newswire recently released a white paper about using press releases for lead generation in which we delved into:

  • Why analytics and brand content are inextricably linked with successful lead generation programs
  • How PR feeds lead generation and demonstrates true value
  • How to make news by developing and promoting original content
  • Using press release content in social media
  • What PR professionals are doing to quantify return on releases

Free download: Press Releases as Lead Generators

In some ways, building lead-gen into press releases is simple. If you were issuing a press release announcing, say, the release of a new smartphone, why wouldn’t you include a link to your Web site enabling consumers on the Web to learn more or make a purchase? If you’ve created excellent original content – a white paper or webinar, for example – why wouldn’t you issue a press release about it?

Savvy PR professionals – and even some marketers – are doing these things, and more.

Based on interviews conducted for the paper, PR pros are targeting their press release audiences and measuring lead generation performance using internal CRM systems, social media monitoring analytics and tracking codes and services that provide insight into the number of people clicking on a link, downloading content or registering for an event. Further, they are creating their own branded, helpful content for their community of customers and prospects and using press releases (along with social and other media) to drive engagement with that content.

The result for their clients, PR professionals say, can be valuable leads obtained at very little cost, as well as an expansion of their clients’ marketing databases.

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