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Mar 10, 2013

What Content Creators Can Learn from Tablet Design Pros

According to recent Adobe study, tablets are trumping smartphones in global website traffic.

Users of the internet prefer to use tablets for more in depth visits.  Whether they’re shopping, watching videos or just leisurely browsing the mobile web, tablet users tend to visit 70% more web pages than smartphone users do.

The experts on the panel titled “Lean Forward, Lean Back: Tablet News Experiences,” Dr. Mario Garcia of Garcia Media and Sarah Quinn of the Poynter Institute, discussed findings from the Poynter Eyetrack tablet research study, and some of those findings provide useful instruction for content creators seeking to reach tablet users.

You have about 10 seconds to keep readers from bailing out, according to the Poynter study.  Content publishers need to provide readers with what they panelists called “gold coins,” such as pulled quotes and visual elements to keep engaged. Dr. Garcia referred to this as the pop-up moment – something needs to happen to keep them reading more.

People consume content via the “media quartet”  — papers, the web, smartphones and tablets.  However, user behavior for each media type is different.  Papers and tablets are “lean back” media – readers put their feet up, and slow down.  Conversely, smartphones and the web are generally “lean forward” media – users are moving quickly and need to find information quickly.

Content publishers also need to keep these behaviors in mind when designing content, because one size doesn’t fit all.   In order to capture audience attention on each channel, the content needs to suit the users’ needs.

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By Erika Kash, product manager, online services, MultiVu.


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