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Apr 29, 2014

What do FB Newswire, Storyful & PR Newswire for Journalists Have in Common?

FB Newswire, powered by Storyful is serving up pre-verified status updates from Facebook users who share their content publicly. This is something that can be incredibly valuable to a journalist when an event like last weekend’s tornadoes destroy homes and lives without much notice.

In that kind of circumstance, the best on-the-spot reporting and photography will frequently come from an eyewitness with a smartphone posting updates to their Facebook page, and Storyful is there to verify and curate that content for easy media pick-up.

But that’s not all. FB Newswire also offers journalists and others who follow the feed, human interest and lifestyle posts that could include content which started its life cycle as a news release on PR Newswire, like the #catcafe story that appeared the day of FBN’s launch.

FB Newswire post about Purina One's Cat Cafe.

FB Newswire post about Purina One’s Cat Cafe.

The story originated a couple of days earlier as a multimedia news release on PR Newswire. It was a great story, and Purina One did a great job of telling it.

Coverage from FB Newswire was a bonus.

At PR Newswire, our media relations staff took note of this immediately and realized we could help Storyful in its verification process since we run news from thousands of organizations, celebrities, and brands.

We have media relations teams across the globe, covering every continent, and since Storyful is based in Ireland, our U.K. group reached out and offered our services. Now, the Storyful editorial team has full access to our media-only website, PR Newswire for Journalists, where they can search for the latest news and contact information from thousands of sources.

So what do FB Newswire, StoryFul and PR Newswire for Journalists have in common?  Content from verified and authentic sources, large and small, from around the world.


Victoria HarresVictoria Harres is VP, Audience Development & Social Media at PR Newswire and the original voice behind @PRNewswire. She leads the media relationsteam that provides customer service to the members of PR Newswire  for Journalists. In her spare time, sheInstagrams the world around her.

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