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Sep 23, 2015

What Is PR? A Look Back, To Look Forward

PR is now ______. How would you fill in the blank?

What is PR? In 2012, we asked you this question and gathered definitions of modern public relations from across social media and that year’s PRSA International Conference.

Our senior creative manager Jamie Heckler then put together the PR Is infographic, which has become one of our most popular pieces of content.

It’s still our most viewed pin week in and week out on Pinterest, a fact we hope will get you excited about contributing below to the infographic’s first update in three years.

One reason this infographic resonates with the PR industry is that corporate communicators understand: If you want to stay effective, you need to know — and be a part of — what’s driving the industry forward.

However, if you want to look ahead, the first step is to look back.

With that in mind, let’s take a peek at what PR pros said in 2012 when asked “PR is ____.”

It’s interesting to revisit the infographic’s answers to see whether or not they still pertain to current best practices.

For instance, while I agree that we need to keep adding new techniques to the toolbox, I hope the one quote about abandoning PR’s “old school basics” was said tongue-in-cheek. Because as I dug through three years’ worth of blog posts about top PR trends, there was a lot of evidence supporting the need to integrate, not eschew PR’s foundations with the changes happening around us.

Let’s just look at what we were talking about in 2013 as an example. It was a time when  SEOmeasurement and social amplification were really hitting their stride. As 2014 came along, the industry’s focus remained to a certain degree on these topics, but underwent an evolution:

It’s time to take stock once again. PR Newswire and CNW would like to update our PR Is… infographic, but we need your help.

You’ve seen “what PR is” in 2012. We want to know what you think PR is now.

In the comments section below, fill in the blank: “PR is now ____. ” If you’d also like to share your opinion on how PR has changed in the last three years, feel free to expand on that in an additional paragraph.

Prefer to share your reply on social media? Post your answer with the hashtag #PRisNow and be sure to tag @PRNewswire on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. Answers in an image or video format are also welcome.

We’ll collect your replies over the next few weeks and then select some of them to feature in a brand new edition of the PR Is… infographic, as well as SlideShare and articles.

We look forward to the conversation and if you want to learn more about how to keep up with PR’s evolution, check out our white paper New PR Approaches for Outbound Communications Strategies.

Amanda Hicken is senior manager of strategic content, overseeing PR Newswire’s Beyond PR blog. Follow her on Twitter @ADHicken for tweets about the media, marketing, Cleveland, and comic books.

15 Comments on Blog Post Title

­ Helen Feona 21:53 EDT on Sep 23, 2015

PR is now ________?
page rank?
actually I think so but not sure.
Nice post.Thanks

­ Rob Gelphman 12:09 EDT on Sep 25, 2015

PR contributes to the body of knowledge

­ Joshua Levitt 12:38 EDT on Sep 25, 2015

PR is now sales without the commission…

Should have gone into advertising.

­ Andreea 21:35 EDT on Sep 25, 2015

PR is sharing your brand with the world!

­ Brian 11:09 EDT on Sep 29, 2015

PR is starting conversations

­ Kait 11:52 EDT on Oct 5, 2015

PR is about facilitating conversations.

­ Brian Rhinehart 11:48 EDT on Oct 6, 2015

I absolutely love this post mainly because it finally gave sense to the images that I have seen circulating social media sites over the last year. One of my favorite statements that really resonated with me for public relations was this:

"If you want to stay effective, you need to know — and be a part of — what’s driving the industry forward. However, if you want to look ahead, the first step is to look back."

This statement is not just a great quote for life itself, but most importantly for the PR industry as a whole. By moving forward we truly need to have a strong understanding of the past whether that’s past mistakes or even past accomplishments to properly and accurately handle situations in our future.

­ Rhiannon 11:49 EDT on Oct 6, 2015

PR is relationship building.

­ Brian Rhinehart 11:50 EDT on Oct 6, 2015

PR is now speaking out! #PRisNow @PRNewswire

­ Michael Nelson 13:06 EDT on Oct 6, 2015

To me, PR is the state of the relationship between the public and a company or other organization or a famous person. It is everything that centers around the company or organization’s image. It is all of the hard work to maintain a certain, positive reputation. #PRisNow @PRNewswire

­ Samantha Borrello 18:54 EDT on Oct 6, 2015

PR is building a relationships with clients and the media by portraying your client in the best light possible, by working to build and maintain a strong, positive reputation for that client. @PRNewswire #PRisNow

­ Julieta 22:03 EDT on Oct 6, 2015

PR, is knowing how you or your brand have to act, to create a contact with the other besides you.

­ deal of the day 08:31 EDT on Oct 7, 2015

PR is the most important statistic of any website in the world in short, a website can be valued by its Page Rank and also Alexa rank. Page rank of any webpage is the measure of the link juice (Total value of the backlinks) to the webpage. It ranges from 0-10. It said that the PR is very difficult to achieve. In fact in world there are only few such sites that have a pages with PR of 10.

­ Julie Batliner 15:23 EDT on Oct 9, 2015

PR is now… idea-centric.

We’ve turned a corner from being the "tactical activation" to being an "original idea generator." We're collaborating to come up with organizing ideas that all disciplines can jump off of. And because PR pros aren't afraid of sharing their ideas like some traditional creatives, they are taking full advantage of empowering the right people to put it all together. If content is king, integrated thinking is queen.

­ Mariana Schuller 12:18 EDT on Oct 15, 2015

PR is now about driving awareness through content and connections

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