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Nov 30, 2015

5 Ways Customer Advocacy Will Enhance Your Content Marketing

Customer Advocacy Content Marketing

Engagement. When the PR and marketing industry talks about this content metric, it’s usually through the lens of how audiences are interacting with content after a brand has published and promoted it.

However, there’s a particular type of content that’s on the rise (again) which offers the opportunity to develop customer relationships before content is ever created.

I say ‘again’ because customer advocacy content isn’t a new concept for brands.

Case studies, testimonials, and content featuring client interviews are well-established staples in the sales toolbox. But many brands aren’t maximizing the full potential of this content.

Integrating customer advocacy content more fully into your content marketing strategy can elevate your brand to new heights. Here are 5 reasons why advocacy content is critical.

1. Customer advocacy content establishes credibility.

Content created in collaboration with customer advocates carries more weight than content solely produced internally. According to Marketing Charts, brand advocates are 50% more likely to influence a purchase.

Case studies are a perfect example of advocacy content. Demonstrating how a client’s use of your products helped them achieve their business goals is far more effective than a generic product description. Your advocate’s voice will help your message resonate with your target audience because it’s coming from their peers.

2. Customer advocacy content adds diversity to your message. 

There’s so much content competing for your audience’s attention; it’s important to offer a variety of content formats to break through the noise.

Advocacy content brings another layer of diversity to your content marketing strategy.

multichannel content marketing guide

Content collaborations with advocates take on many forms. In addition to case studies and testimonials, advocacy content includes customer survey results, guest blogs, co-authored white papers, Q&As, and other user-generated content.

The more diverse your content is, the better your chances that it will appeal to the various audience personas you’re trying to reach.

3. Customer advocacy content engages your sales team.

Advocacy content gives your marketing team the opportunity to engage with your sales team in two ways.

Your sales team is going to be crucial in introducing you to potential customer advocates. By including them in the process, you help them establish credibility with their clients and further develop their relationships by highlighting their clients’ success.

Additionally, effective content marketing involves using multiple channels to promote your content, and that includes your sales team. By integrating advocacy content into your overall content marketing program, you are offering your sales representatives a powerful tool to convert leads into customers.

4. Customer advocacy content nurtures relationships with advocates.

When you collaborate with clients on content creation, you achieve much more than producing new content.

You convey to your client that you recognize them as a thought leader in their field. You show that you view them as credible, valuable sources who are well-positioned to tell others about the ways your services can resolve an industry challenge.

Nurturing these relationships and shining the light on your advocate clients demonstrates to them that you cherish their partnership.

5. Customer advocacy content leads to new advocates and more content.

Use the successful advocacy content you’ve already created to illustrate the benefits of collaboration to your sales team, current advocates and potential future advocates.

Contributing to another organization’s content helps elevate your clients’ profile in front of their peers and within the industry. Seeing one customer’s success story and the attention it gets can motivate other customers to step up and do the same.

Your sales team is also more likely to be on the lookout for great advocate candidates once they’ve observed or experienced the process.

Advocacy content can be extremely beneficial in helping you achieve your business goals. It not only enhances your content offerings, but also can help you engage with your sales team, nurture your partnership with current advocates, and develop relationships with future ones.

Whether it’s a blog post or case study, every piece of content you create is a potential touch point with your audience—an opportunity to engage with them and convert them into satisfied customers. Download our guide Maximize the Reach of Your Message with a Strategic, Multichannel Plan and learn how to match your content to the right mix of promotional channels.

Lucie Vietti-Curtis is the program manager for channel and advocacy marketing at PR Newswire. As head of the advocacy program, she enjoys collaborating with advocates on creating thought-leadership content.

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