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Jan 08, 2016

Why Subject Matter Experts Are a Must for Your 2016 Content Marketing Plan

How to Use Experts in Content Marketing

Beyond the normal stumbling blocks of content planning, the pressure is on for brands to take their creativity up a notch as more companies experiment with different storytelling techniques, formats and cutting-edge platforms.

Long gone are the days of relying on the expertise of one or two star bloggers to drive your content marketing success.

Partnering with both internal and third-party subject matter experts can help you meet your content quality and quantity needs. Here are four ways experts can be a boon to your 2016 content efforts.

Experts can help you prepare for changes to come.  

Technology and consumer behavior are two things that never remain the same from beginning to end of year but impact almost every type of business. For example, in 2015 mobile devices caused dramatic shifts in how consumers shop and even receive healthcare.

Experts who forecast trends can provide critical insight to help businesses not only prepare for change, but also create content that establishes them as a forward-thinking industry leader.

Experts can help breathe new life into outdated content.

The new year doesn’t have to mean your content planning has to start from scratch. Refreshing older content with new research and insights from experts is a great way to make the most of limited resources while staying on top of new trends.

Content Marketing is marketing your content

Guest article contributions fill content gaps.

For smaller teams, planning an editorial calendar can be a tough job, whether that’s coming up with enough story ideas or finding enough people to write them.

Contributed articles from both internal and third-party experts brings fresh perspectives that keep readers interested in your content. Additionally, third-party perspectives can sometimes be more persuasive than if a brand were to deliver a particular message.

Experts can make or break the attendance of in-person and online events.

People attend conferences for the networking opportunities and to learn from great speakers. However, if you wait until the last minute to secure speakers, they might not necessarily fit the bill in terms of content or audience interest. Getting a head start on securing speakers and building relationships with them will be reflected in the quality of your event.

Enlisting the help of experts at the planning stages of your content strategy will be well worth it in the execution stage. If you need help finding experts to forecast new trends, update your research, contribute guest articles or speak at upcoming events, click here to submit an expert query via ProfNet – it’s easy and it’s free!

You can also check out our quick tips for a refresher on writing effective expert pitches.

Author Shannon Ramlochan (@sramloch) is an audience content specialist for ProfNet, a free service for writers seeking subject matter experts.

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