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Feb 16, 2013

Why Your Brand Should Be On Pinterest (& How to Get Started)


I got a real surprise on Monday during the workshop I was leading on using content to attract qualified leads at the Online Marketing Summit.  When I asked the audience, “Have you experienced unexpected results for your brand from a particular social network?”  I wasn’t prepared for the digital strategy head of a top 5 accounting firm who told me that Pinterest is a significant referrer of traffic for their financial services and hedge fund strategy content.

Apparently, among the juggernaut of dream wedding pictures and fantastically decadent fashion and food, a good infographic about the hedge fund business can gain real traction.

With that in mind, I hot-footed it to Danny Maloney’s session about making Pinterest work for your brand.

Danny is the CEO and co-founder of PinLeague, and he has access to a ton of data about Pinterest usage.  This is one interesting social network – even for B2B brands.

Pinterest drives aspiration … and revenue

What makes Pinterest so interesting is user intent.  Pinterest is where people collect and gather ideas.  They discover, they aspire, they plan.   And as they do so, they are telling marketers what they like.

Obviously, Pinterest is about visuals.  Users ‘pin’ pictures, infographics, artworks and all imaginable matter of digital imagery to virtual pinboards, which can be broadly shared.   The primary activity is pinning, and that’s even how users interact – there’s relatively little conversation on Pinterest.  Instead, fellow pinners show their enthusiasm by re-pinning each other’s content.   From that activity, brands can divine loads of intel about their audiences.

If you spend about ten seconds thinking about it, the fact that Pinterst generates more revenue per transaction for brands when compared to Facebook and Twitter shouldn’t be a surprise.  After all, Pinterest is an aspiration engine. Nonetheless, the fact that Pinterest generates significantly more referrals and more than twice the revenue of Facebook is pretty eye-opening.

Tips for getting your brand started on Pinterest

80% of the benefit your brand will probably derive from Pinterest is from users pinning about your brand.  You don’t even know it’s going on.  But that’s okay.   You don’t want all the activity happening on your own profile. You want people to share your content.  That’s how you spread the word.  Err. Image.

Don’t dive into a strategy until you know what’s going on around your brand on Pinterest. What is being shared? What is being said?  What is being pinned and re-pinned?  And who are these people that are pinning your stuff? Get a sense of who the user is before jumping in.

Then, once you’ve done this due diligence, build 12 boards for your brand.  Pick five things your users love, five things they have a hard time finding and two things about your brands.  Build boards according to those twelve themes, and you’ll have a good, solid start on Pinterest.

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