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Jun 19 2012

A Brief Blog Profile: Where Did U Get That

by Thomas Hynes


Where Did U Get That is not just a fashion blog. It's usually also one of the first questions in a conversation surrounding clothes. We often hear "oh that's great" or "that looks really nice on you" tossed about. But, the urgent question of 'where?!' seems to dominate many fashion conversations. it's more than just an admission that something looks nice. It's a plea, nearly a demand, to reveal where such fashion can be found.

That may sound a bit extreme. But I have two older sisters. I've heard the words  Where Did U Get That more times than I could count. The blog with the inquisitive name came about when one woman, Karen, moved to New York from London. As she began to explore the fashionable city, she began to wonder where all these wears originated. She already knew the major department stores. She yearned for the hidden gems of New York's retail scene .

And as she gained more and more knowledge of Manhattan's boutiques, the question of where to find such fashion was posed  to her. And with that, a blog was born. The site definitely deals with fashion shows and the industry of it all. But, the bulk of this site is people on the street. For example, here is Zuzanna. And here is Masahiro and his studded vest and Rosemary with her chain dress. And behind it all, writing and asking and answering and sharing, is Karen and her blog.

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