Russian Forum Awards Motorola Two Gold Medals For Innovative Law Enforcement Solutions

22 Feb, 2005, 10:00 GMT de Motorola, Inc.

MOSCOW, February 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Motorola's (NYSE: MOT) commitment to innovation has been rewarded with two gold medals at the 2005 International Security and Safety Technologies Forum in Russia. The awards recognise seamless mobility products and technology solutions which assist public safety agencies to communicate in mission-critical situations and track and identify individuals who have committed a crime.

In its 10th year, the forum is run under the direct supervision of Russia's leading public safety ministries and organisations including: The Russian Ministry of Interior; the Russian Ministry of Emergency; Federal Security Agency; Russian Parliament and the Russian Security Council. At the event the Russian Parliament Security Committee specifically acknowledged Motorola's contribution to the security and law enforcement agencies in Russia.

    Motorola demonstrated both gold-medal solutions at the forum:

    - Motorola's APCO25-compliant XTS2500TM portable digital radios, designed
      for the public safety and first responder market was a gold medal 
      winner for "Best Innovative Solution." The radio is one of the latest 
      additions to Motorola's portfolio of APCO-25 compliant radios and was 
      recently adopted by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

    - Motorola's Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)
      technology also won the gold medal for "Best Innovative Solution." 
      Biometric solutions, Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems 
      (AFIS) and palm print capabilities have been helping public safety 
      agencies track and identify individuals who have committed a crime. 
      These solutions save time and increase accuracy in the identification, 
      processing and management of individuals by law enforcement agencies 
      for both criminal and civil purposes. Motorola has more than 30 years 
      experience providing one of the broadest product portfolios and 
      worldwide AFIS development.

"Providing Russia's law enforcement agencies with state-of-the-art products and solutions is one of our top priorities. Motorola has a proven track record when it comes to providing solutions for law enforcement agencies around the world. We have been providing wireless communications for more than 70 years and biometrics solutions for more than 30 years." said Stuart Broome, Regional General Manager for Motorola's Government and Enterprise Mobility Solutions business.

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