Plain Packaging Bid May Highlight Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

14 Septembre, 2012, 08:00 BST de

MANCHESTER, England, September 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Major headway has been made in the last few days in the bid to reduce the sale of tobacco all over the world. Only last week Australian officials approved a move towards using plain packaging in order to reduce the glamour associated with smoking cigarettes with the aim of making the practice less fashionable for children and young people drawn by effective cigarette marketing and branding.

Campaigners hope that other countries will take note of the Australian decision which effectively tears down any challenges to plain packaging in the Australian market. Officials in the UK, Europe and the US are already working on similar projects to try and introduce plain cigarette packaging legislation in order to tackle their own issues with tobacco.

There are a whole host of reasons why plain packaging may prove a success, curbing the harmful effects of the chemicals found in cigarettes and helping the next generation to grow up free from the lure of tobacco. The team at VIP Electronic Cigarette are firmly behind the bid to reduce the appeal of tobacco which it is suggested is enhanced by the intensive marketing campaigns of leading tobacco companies.

Electronic cigarettes provide a nicotine hit without necessitating the inhalation of harmful chemicals such as tar and carbon monoxide. They can be used indoors and they do not compel others to breathe passive smoke.

Visitors to can learn more about E-cigarettes and the benefits they offer. It is entirely possible that E-cigarettes may become the preferred option for smokers should legislation ever come to pass forcing tobacco companies to remove all branding from their products and reduce their marketing to nothing.

The next step may be to ban the sale of tobacco altogether which, it is argued, would represent a real financial gain to smokers since E-cigarettes are vastly cheaper than packs of branded tobacco - although this is something that could be years off as yet. This is to say nothing of the health benefits of switching to an E Cigarette brand that uses no deleterious substances in providing a nicotine hit.

The team at VIP encourages smokers to give electronic cigarettes in order to increase their options in light of the potential forthcoming legislation.