Telecom Italia choisit Axiom Systems pour alimenter un réseau local virtuel

01 Septembre, 2004, 09:00 BST de Axiom Systems Ltd

READING, Angleterre, September 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Axiom Systems Ltd, le principal fournisseur de logiciels de prestation de services, a annoncé aujourd'hui que Telecom Italia a acheté la série AXiOSS(MD) Suite afin d'alimenter la connectivité du réseau local virtuel à des entreprises du groupe Telecom Italia.

Après une évaluation des systèmes internes de la société, divers processus manuels ont été définis pour mettre la connectivité au réseau local virtuel à la disposition des clients internes. On a alors choisi la série AXiOSS(MD) Suite pour accroître l'automatisation. Le besoin de la série AXiOSS(MD) Suite découle aussi de la complexité croissante du réseau interne de Telecom Italia et du processus d'activation, entre autres, un environnement à vendeurs multiples.

A virtual LAN (local area network) maps workstations on an alternative to geographic location (for example, by department, type of user, or primary application). The virtual LAN controller can change or add workstations and manage load balancing and bandwidth allocation more easily than with a physical picture of the LAN. Services provided to internal clients within the Telecom Italia Group include the set up of a VLAN connection (IP point), load balancing and bandwidth management.

Axiom Systems, together with one of their partners, Technomind, will implement the solution in order to automate the provisioning process. AXiOSS(R) Order-to-Service (O2S), will manage the order intake, AXiOSS(R) Inventory Management (IMS) will look up and allocate the resources required and create a model of the available resources, and AXiOSS(R) SAFE will activate the service.

The benefits to Telecom Italia will include faster and more reliable VLAN provisioning, increased visibility of internal processes including any faults or errors that may occur, greater control over the allocation of inventory, and increased overall efficiency.

Gareth Senior, CEO, Axiom Systems, says, "The increasing complexity of internal processes, a symptom of multi-vendor technology, multiple tasks and an increasing dependency on technology within the workplace, has meant that the requirement for exceptional provisioning is as important for a service providers own internal services as it is for those that are external.

He continues, "By choosing AXiOSS(R), Telecom Italia will confidently be able to manage their VLAN provisioning and automate their manual processes thus making the company's business even more competitive."

About Axiom Systems

Axiom Systems Ltd, is a leading provider of service fulfilment software, which enables telecommunications companies to roll out revenue generating services such as DSL, IPVPN, ATM/Frame and MetroEthernet from order to service. An advocate of Service Creation Environments, Axiom Systems also offers the point products, Order-to- Service (O2S), Inventory Management (IMS), Service Activation (SAFE) and AXiOSS Validator as part of the AXiOSS Suite of products.

Privately held, Axiom Systems is headquartered in Reading, United Kingdom with regional presence in Rome, Vienna, Denmark, Madrid, and Sydney.


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