Coaching Your Account Teams to Get the Data They Need

It’s vital for agency account teams to satisfy client expectations and be in lockstep with the client’s strategic goals. By offering creative ideas that can inform these plans along with practical ways of demonstrating the effectiveness of them, agency teams can establish themselves as truly valued extensions of a client’s PR team. To that end, account teams must understand each client’s key performance indicators (KPIs) and align its measurement model with these outcomes.

Coaching Your Account Teams to Get the Data They Need discusses:

  • Traditional PR metrics vs. the KPIs your clients are monitoring internally
  • Connecting client technologies and processes to PR output to better monitor performance
  • The steps to take to provide end-to-end performance metrics for PR activities

As marketers face growing pressure to contribute strategic value and demonstrate the worth of their plans and activities, PR agencies need to align their efforts accordingly. The key is to use all the tools and data at their disposal to track, analyze, and report on the results of their efforts—and to recommend how clients can further optimize their results.

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