Competing Against Media Companies: How Agencies Can Win the Battle

For years, you’ve been “acquiring” real estate from media companies and now they’ve become your competitors in the content marketing war. Can you win against the TV companies that already have the equipment, studios and talent to produce videos? Or the radio stations that record audio content in about the same time it takes to order a latte from Starbucks on a busy morning? And could you forget the newspapers and magazines, with the editorial expertise to deliver in-depth perspective for specific demographics? Particularly when you’re also feeling the heat from upstart content marketers who are gleefully pronouncing public relations dead or dying?

Competing Against Media Companies: How Agencies Can Win the Battle discusses:

  • The advantages PR has over Media companies with regard to content creation and distribution
  • Advantages and disadvantages of native advertising
  • The steps to take in order to win new clients with content marketing

Agencies possess key advantages, including depth of knowledge about clients, their brands and messages that enable them to offer clients the strategic communications guidance and vital public relations services that content marketing or media companies can’t provide.

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