Defining the Metrics that Will Demonstrate ROI to Clients

Before launching into any PR program, your first step should always be to help your client establish their objectives. Increasingly, those goals should center around helping your client contribute to their company’s bottom line through pipeline growth and revenue. This shift means you will also need to decide what metrics you can use to evaluate whether or not your recommendations and programs actually achieve those goals throughout the course of your cam­paigns

Defining the Metrics that Will Demonstrate ROI to Clients discusses:

  • How the metrics you are used to delivering aren’t always what the client is looking for
  • Applying modern marketing and demand generation metrics to PR
  • Samples of the metrics modern marketers are looking for

It’s critical to demonstrating ROI to measure your PR programs across all relevant media and channels. Think of all the different ways that you’re interacting with your client’s target audience, including all of the paid, earned, and owned channels that they use.

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