Enhancing Digital Marketing ROI with PR Content & Metrics

Until recently, linking PR activities to the bottom line has been quite a challenge. It required forethought, planning, and a data-centric approach that not all PR professionals had the time, inclination, tools, or budget for. Instead, most relied heavily on clips, coverage, and ad equivalency value as ways to try to demonstrate ROI. Not surprisingly, because of these limitations, their reporting was typically biased toward outputs rather than outcomes – far different form what is expected of you in digital marketing and demand generation.

Enhancing Digital Marketing ROI with PR Content & Metrics discusses:

  • Leveraging PR’s strengths to drive marketing ROI 
  • Metrics you can help with to measure PR and communications
  • Fostering collaboration between digital, demand and PR

PR provides digital marketers with the opportunity to influence purchasing decisions earlier than is possible with most paid media. And, as we’ll see, when it’s used together with digital marketing, it can result in a much greater ROI than either discipline can achieve on its own.

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