Expanding Engagement and Inspiring Action with Your Next Product Launch

Event Date: Sep 16, 2015 , 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM EDT

Expanding Engagement & Inspiring Action with Your Next Product Launch
Launching a new product or service is an exciting (and hectic) occasion. Your team spent months, possibly years, conceptualizing this product from start to finish—and now it’s up to you to bring the product to market. But how can you get your product in front of the right audience? What channels should you target to reach these audiences? And, how do you inspire these audiences to adopt, support, and even promote your new product?
This webinar will discuss:
  • A comprehensive approach for a product launch
  • Strategic planning, story creation, content & tools, adoption & retention
  • Measuring the success of your product launch
Jono Waks, Principle/Lead Publicist, Jono Productions, Inc.
Jessica Stark, Principle, The Stark Group
Eva Rohrmann, Director, Solutions & Customer Lifecycle Marketing, PR Newswire