Justifying a Media Monitoring Service

Most business owners are aware of the importance of monitoring their media mentions—social, online, print and broadcast. Media coverage and social media conversations can make or break a company's reputation; it can also help spread information in an instant, develop a company's profile as an expert in the field and connect with audiences.

Many companies use free monitoring tools such as Google Alerts to try to stay on top of coverage and social media chatter. However, free monitoring isn't enough. Companies that are serious about protecting and boosting their brands should invest in tools that provide a holistic view that monitor both social media and traditional media mentions of their brand, industry and competitors.

Have you ever stopped to think about how much Media Monitoring costs your company?

Comprehensive Monitoring Paints The Whole Picture

Free tools such as Google Alerts only give companies a portion of what is being said about their brand online. While these free tools are useful and commonly implemented by communication pros, they cannot:

  • Gauge general sentiment about a company, product, or industry
  • Trace trends and identify patterns in negative and positive communications
  • Truly measure the effectiveness of a PR or marketing campaign
  • Determine how the brand's online perception compares to top brands within its industry
  • Send alerts if new articles, webpages or blog posts don't make it into the top 10 Google News results, top 20 Google Web Search results or top 10 Google Blog Search results
  • Find opportunities for greater success based on customer interests and concerns

Comprehensive media monitoring services, on the other hand, provide business owners and communicators with the tools, data and analysis they need to make decisions about how to approach competitive messaging, address customer service issues or deal with industry trends. Without this information, companies cannot adequately plan or measure campaigns, revise customer service policies, or position new products and services into the market that better meet customer needs. In short, comprehensive monitoring is necessary to obtain the intelligence needed to fully understand the media landscape

Comprehensive Monitoring Services Save Time

Free monitoring services generally require users to do all of the monitoring themselves. For example, Google Alerts provides users with a list of links containing a keyword; the user must then go through each link manually, learn exactly what is being said and decide whether it's worth responding to. Not utilizing comprehensive monitoring services, could easily make ones day look like this:

  • 2 hours to scan websites and news feeds for mentions of their company
  • 1 hour to put all relevant data together
  • 5 hours for converting and analyzing data

This is not a cost-effective strategy nor conducive to a business' scalability.

Free Services Leave Out Traditional Media

While the online and social media is obviously important in this day and age, it's equally important not to neglect newspapers, magazines, TV and radio broadcasts. Communicators will continue to take a strategic, multichannel approach for their programs, leveraging relevant channels to amplify specific messaging and reach audience types. It's also no secret that a vast amount of the population will continue to turn to traditional outlets for the news. The key is finding a healthy balance when trying to penetrate social and traditional mediums, having a monitoring tool that can measure the success of those efforts is the key ingredient to tie everything together.

Comprehensive Monitoring Helps Businesses Spot Opportunities

Most free monitoring services only monitor key phrases related to the business itself. Comprehensive monitoring services, however, can easily track and analyze key concerns of target demographics, complaints and praise about competitors, and new practices or industry trends. This information is vital to a business’ product or service development and outbound campaigns. Without it, businesses may fail to successfully innovate with market demands and become lost when trying to identify and listen to their audience’s needs and concerns.

Comprehensive Monitoring Gets Businesses In Front Of Crises

Most business crises can be prevented if problems are addressed when they first occur. For example, if a customer is upset that an order is late and takes to social media to complain, a business can respond and resolve the problem before the grievance gains momentum. If the company waits too long, however, problems tend to multiply, and soon the business will have a full-blown crisis on its hands. Comprehensive monitoring provides businesses with the best chance of discovering problems before they mutate into crises. By monitoring their core industry and all related industries, for example, a business may learn about problems with a particular shipping supplier and switch to another supplier before customers begin complaining about late orders.

Comprehensive monitoring services may seem expensive, but they save companies time, money and aggravation in the long run. They are the better choice for businesses that want to gather all of the intelligence possible, stay ahead of the curve and position themselves as leaders in the industry.


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