PR & SEO: Still Driving Discovery

Every piece of content an organization issues – including press re­leases—becomes a digital ambassador for the brand. Developing content that is designed to resonate with the audience (not just a few reporters) by featuring timely, educational, useful information is central to creating engagement and encouraging sharing in social channels.

PR & SEO: Still Driving Discovery discusses:

  • Why press releases still matter for SEO, regardless of changes to search engine algorithms
  • The impact of discoverability on web traffic
  • 7 tips to help your news releases drive engagement and get shared

It’s simply smart marketing to use wire services to help those stories find the right people, and move the mes­sage beyond the organization’s web site and known social audi­ences. In other words, use the wires to intelligently place a story that is relevant to the intended readers on the sites they regular­ly visit, and the story will be found and shared. 

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