PR Agency 3.0: Groundbreaking, New Approaches to Structuring Outbound Communications Strategy for Client PR Programs

The swift evolution of the media market, social media channels and how people consume news, information and entertainment have placed new demands and challenges on PR agencies. In response, agencies are finding new ways to create, deliver and benchmark the value they provide to the clients they represent and help them navigate the sea changes in digital media.

 The metrics that define and measure communications today were unimag¬inable just a few years ago. In this paper, we’ll explore how the traditional PR benchmarks used to measure the success of agency engagements are evolving in lock¬step with the changing PR agency value proposition.

 Download this white paper, The New PR Agency Benchmarks for Demonstrating Value to Clients, as it discusses:

• How the benchmarks previously used to measure the success of agency programs -- and that have driven traditional reporting to clients -- aren't as relevant as they used to be

• The importance of connecting the dots between PR and demand generation or revenue results

• How PR professionals need to leverage the information that is now available to them, from both the wire services and through client data 


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