PR and the C-Suite: Aligning Strategic Communications with Business Goals

Today’s PR and Corporate Communications functions cover a much broader swath of territory than ever before, and can help executives achieve a wide variety of business goals across the organization in a number of key, measurable ways. C-Suite executives can benefit from understanding and supporting PR efforts and expertise to achieve success, but only if they work with PR and Communications to devise a meaningful set of metrics that support business objectives and encourage collaboration across all marketing disciplines.

PR and the C-Suite: Aligning Strategic Communications with Business Goals discusses:

  • How Public Relations can work with marketing and advertising for a Multi-Channel approach
  • Measurable PR data to prove ROI and help shape business strategy
  • Recommendations for the C-Suite to immediately improve return on PR spend

There are a few key ways that your brand’s executives can lead the charge during this exciting stra­tegic mind-shift in public relations. By taking these steps and fully aligning your company’s communications function into your stra­tegic thinking, the team’s efforts will be able to bolster the success of all of your initiatives and investments.

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