Reach Your Communications Objectives with an Intelligent Mix of Tactics

As corporate communications, public relations and marketing professionals intensify their use of data to shape planning and evaluate performance, the press release has evolved, too. From its origins as a way to share information, the press release is now a tactic that can—and should—be deployed to achieve a multitude of strategic objectives.

Explore these B2C and B2B use cases for ideas on how PR Newswire’s offerings can help achieve your business goals.

National Retail Chain Promoting Healthy Eating Events


Reaching new audiences

A national grocery chain runs customer programs centered on healthy eating and wellness, supporting nutrition education and healthy lifestyle events at stores and in the community. The chain’s programs are promoted primarily through its owned channels, such as newsletters and social media, and they resonate with existing customers—but the retailer sees an opportunity to reach new audiences with these healthy messages.


Drive discovery and awareness of wellness programs by new groups of consumers


The PR Newswire “Recipe”—To reach new audiences, the national chain needs to communicate beyond its own channels. It will continue to share messages in newsletters and on its web site, but also make the health, nutrition and wellness information more discoverable by adding in multimedia content distribution and targeted outreach.

  • US National Distribution to reach media outlets and web sites across the country.

  • Multimedia Options to share quick recipe videos and photos.

  • SocialPostTM to join the conversation on health and wellness.

  • Industry Microlists to target journalists and bloggers covering nutrition and health.

Start-Up Releasing New Consumer App


Making an impact with a limited budget

A technology start-up has lofty goals for app downloads—the company must continue to show user growth to keep financing rounds coming in—but on a shoestring marketing budget. The company’s two-person marketing team needs to quickly get maximum attention on a limited budget, and thinks that media coverage of the new app might be the answer.


Generate media coverage for a new smartphone app


The PR Newswire “Investment Round”—Earned media drives audience attention, and the startup needs to be very smart on how it spends money—and time. Combine the time invested in direct outreach to a well-known technology blog with broad distribution to reach media outlets of all types—TV, radio, print, online—and include multimedia content to demonstrate how the app works.

  • US National Distribution to reach media outlets, including network TV.

  • Multimedia Options to share videos and artwork, providing journalists all the elements for a “complete” story.

Information Security Firm Offering B2B Content


Increasing web site traffic

An information security firm is investing in a range of content marketing programs as part of its communications strategy and wants to maximize the ROI for each component. The programs have custom-designed content—white papers, case studies, infographics—for each stage of the buying process, and the company updated its web site to help its community access the new resources. The marketing team wants to convert more prospects, and thinks that showcasing the new content will bring more visitors to its site.


Generating net new leads and moving existing prospects through the lead funnel


“Securing” attention with PR Newswire—Press releases are a proven method to boost online discoverability1 of content, and this firm is about to have a solid thought-leadership library. To drive traffic to its web site, the firm should set up an editorial calendar to promote each piece through its owned channels and build out a corresponding content distribution plan.

  • US National Distribution to reach media outlets and web sites covering technology and security topics.

  • Multimedia Options to share infographics.

  • SocialPostTM to join the conversation on business technology.

  • Industry Microlists to target writers on the technology and security beats.

Candy Brand Releasing New Flavors


Engaging new media outlets

A national brand of candy, sold in mass-market chains and boutique gift shops, is launching new flavors based on beer, wine and liquor. The company wants to expand beyond its usual reach to confectionary, food and retail media and generate coverage by blogs, web sites and publications for beer, wine and cocktail enthusiasts. The marketing team has also produced a host of multimedia content to support the launch of each flavor, and wants to make sure the photo and video assets are wellorganized and ready to share in a targeted way.


Generate media pickup outside the confectioner’s usual categories


Media “mixology” with PR Newswire—To reach the journalists and bloggers that know the company well, while at the same time engaging writers in new spaces, the company should advance on two fronts: put together a communications plan for its usual space, and then an outreach plan for each of the three new categories, with content just for them.

  • US National Distribution to reach outlets and web sites covering all the candy brand’s categories—old and new.

  • Media Studio to manage photos and videos by flavor.

  • Industry Microlists to target influential writers covering beer, wine and spirits.

Service Company Communicating to Media, Employees and Customers


Repositioning a Brand

A national food service company conducted extensive market research to reposition itself for long-term success. The marketing and PR teams are collaborating closely to release a multichannel campaign to launch and support the effort, with elements targeting the media, employees and customers. The firm needs a centralized way to share information with its various audiences.


Communicate with multiple audiences simultaneously.


“Setting the Table” with PR Newswire—This effort is to reposition the company and convey new messages about the firm. A branded environment that offers a variety of content and ways to engage all target audiences will reset the table for the company.

  • Multimedia News Release to house “multiple media” on a social- and mobile-enabled landing page will engage media, employees and consumers with the repositioned brand.

  • US National Distribution to reach media outlets and web sites across the country.

Measuring Outcomes: Evaluate Results with Visibility Reports

No matter your communications goal, the final step is to evaluate the results from your message. If successful, you are better prepped for your next release; if not, it’s time to dig in and refine your tactics. Our Visibility Reports offer a range of measurement points—views by media type, activity by region, engagement in social channels—so you have the insight you need to evaluate and share the outcome of your efforts.

From building awareness to generating media coverage, you need to deploy an intelligent mix of communications tactics. With our vast customer, industry and geographic experience, PR Newswire’s services and solutions can help you achieve your strategic communications objectives.


For more than 60 years, PR Newswire has helped PR, corporate and marketing communications, and investor relations professionals achieve their communications goals – from building awareness with new audiences and gaining media pickup, to managing reputation and inspiring investor confidence – by sharing, targeting, tracking and enhancing their messages to make the most of their communications campaigns and content investments.


1. 2013 analysis conducted by a leading professional services firm.